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"I’ve been working with Ellie for the past three years to form healthy habits that better support the person I want to become next. Ellie brings her incredible depth of experience in meditation and self-compassion practices to her coaching. Her inquisitive approach, oriented toward exploration and deeper self-knowledge, has helped me identify very concrete, small changes that have created major shifts around some blocks I had in habit formation. Ellie’s delightful, positive energy is a joy to be around, and I highly recommend working with her!"

Meaghan Perkins

“Ellie has helped me through some really tough stuff. Her guidance has helped me process trauma and establish powerful practices to lean into when life gets challenging. Ellie is filled with deep wisdom and caring. She is able to listen deeply and has a gift for shining a light on that which lies just beneath the surface. She lets her intuition guide her and it is powerful. Ellie’s help has propelled me forward on my healing journey. I am so grateful for the wisdom and care Ellie has provided. It has been life-changing. Thank you, Ellie!”

Juliana Willsen

“I took Ellie’s retreat and I was actually going to pass due to my body not feeling well.  I thought to myself I can lay here and be miserable or I can jump in with this group.  So I did.  I loved how Ellie’s opened with a sweet song.  Then all of her guided meditation and walks and writing out what we got from our meditations were very powerful.  I received some powerful signs and it made it special.  She has a way of asking you something with pure interest and care.  I was reeling after the meeting was over.  I felt alive.”

Flora Sanchez

"I appreciate how Ellie listens to what people are saying and helps guide them towards finding ways to incorporate the habits that work for them."

Laurel Fisher

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