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What are these 10 habits?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The 10 habits I coach are from Cate Stillman at I've been following Cate for years, doing the Yogidetox she runs twice a year, and listening to her podcast. Cate took her studies in Ayurveda and identified these 10 habits that lay the foundation for an abundant, expansive life.

The 10 habits are:

  1. Earlier Lighter Dinner: Eating lightly and early enough that your body can digest the meal before you sleep.

  2. Early to Bed: Getting to bed by 10pm so your body fully rests and recovers from the day.

  3. Start the Day Right: Wake before dawn. Drink water. poop. 'Nuff said.

  4. Breath Body Practice: Move your body every day for at least 20 minutes, ideally in the morning.

  5. Plant-Based Diet: Not vegetarianism necessarily, but making sure you're eating a fresh, nourishing variety of foods, eating seasonally and locally when possible.

  6. Self Massage: Oiling and caring for your skin, the biggest organ of your body.

  7. Sit in Silence: Take a break and rest during the day. 5 minutes, or even 60 seconds of sitting quietly can be utterly transformative, especially over time.

  8. Healthier Eating Guidelines: How to consume food more consciously and give your body a chance to digest fully.

  9. Care for your Senses: Adding oil to the openings in your body and other practices that care for each of your sense organs.

  10. Easeful Living: Doing it all with a sense of ease. How easy can it be?

You don't need to do these perfectly all the time, and in fact doing them perfectly might mean you weren't living easefully (habit 10). Progress, not perfection, is the goal. There is no end to the evolution of these habits, from what I've observed.

Thanks for reading! Like this post and reach out with any questions. Also, please enjoy this video of the sun setting in Encinitas, CA.

Live lightly,


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