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Finding Delight in the Mundane

Things are difficult right now. The pandemic, political uncertainty/unrest, and all of the normal stress that seems amplified by this situation. There's no end in sight. How can we stay sane?

There are a lot of things that help support me, but one of the main actions I take each day is to get outside and pay attention to the natural world. The pale blue pre-dawn sky, the bunnies in the morning, a dog playing in the grass, how the sunset turns everything into a silhouette... Each observation centers me in the present. If I'm right here, in this moment, not looking forward and not looking back, I can find my center. Then happiness might be available. Or perhaps a torrent of tears as realize how traumatic this all has been. Whatever the feelings they pass, and I notice dew turning spiderwebs to art, the scent of the pines, and the birds singing to one another. I keep coming back to this. here. NOW. And somehow, despite the craziness of the world, delight occurs. Joy bubbles up inside me as I enjoy the smell of sage or observe the neighbor cat up on the roof watching me. And it passes, and I keep coming back to what's here now.

Try it. Go outside for ten minutes (or just five!) without looking at your phone. Maybe even (gasp!) leave it at home. How many plants and animals do you encounter? What's the sky like? What is different from the last time you ventured out? Even if it's the fourth or fifth time going out that day, my experience is I can find something new every time I step out of my door.

Please like this post, let me know your thoughts in the comments, and enjoy this picture I took of the sunrise in nearby Julian, CA

Live Lightly,


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Nov 20, 2020

I never thought of it that way, Kathleen, but you're totally right. It's like one of those "find the mistakes" or "find the differences" puzzles. I love that metaphor!


I like the idea of finding something new every time I go outside. It reminds me of the what's different cartoons. Where I had to find 6-7 things different between to images. I used to love doing these. They made me stop and actually pay careful attention to the details.

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