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Living in Rhythm

How easy can it be?

Welcome to Intuitive Living. Pour yourself some tea and pull up a cushion. Take a breath. Relax.
My name is Ellie Mout. I work with LGBTQ+ people and allies.

Perhaps, like I was, you feel:

  • disconnected from your body,

  • like you have an adversarial relationship with it, or

  • making self-care changes is an uphill battle.

In Intuitive Living Journey, I guide you and your fellow seekers to better habits so that:

  • you feel relaxed and comfortable in your skin,

  • you intuitively know how to handle situations that used to confound you, and

  • you experience your body as your sacred ally.

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Gentle Kindness

​Intuitive Living is a year-long program that supports you in transforming your life.​

It sounds super fancy, but a lot of it is stuff you've heard before: get to bed early, stay hydrated, oil your nostrils...  Well, maybe not that last one. These are basic tools that will help us to understand and follow the wisdom of our bodies. Then we can hear that still, small voice. The goal is greater alignment with God/Spirit/All That Is (however you conceive of that).

By listening to our innate wisdom with kindness and ease, we find our lives transformed. We easily make choices that used to confound us and intuit what actions will serve us. Over time, the self-criticism eases and we trust life and our bodies. Personal evolution becomes the norm. It's a miraculous process.

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